Raw materials, packaging components and finished goods for Solid and Injectable products are stored under compliance GDP conditions.

Rovi’s storage capacity covers a wide range of temperature and humidity monitored conditions (from -60ºC to 25ºC) using highly automated and modern solutions (up to 11 000 pallets for ambient conditions and 850 pallets for cold chain product).

GDP and ISO certified partners increase our storage capacity as an additional service to our Supply Chain.

Warehouse is managed by our validated SAP/WMS system ensuring a robust traceability level across our supply chain processes.

Movement of product and material is managed by a GDP qualified internal fleet including the most efficient, low emissions trucks aligned with the commitment to the environment and sustainable development of the Rovi group. Highly qualified staffs ensure the management of Cold Chain sensitive products such as vaccines or biotech products and the successful handling of the continuous challenges on logistics in the pharmaceutical industry.