Several labeling machines are available for syringes and vials. All our machines contain state-of-the-art inspection systems and use paper or transparent acetate labels. In addition, we are able to label syringes and vials in a wide variety of languages, while plunger rods may be inserted in the pre-filled syringes if necessary.

Automatic inspection systems verify 100% of syringes and vials, guaranteeing the quality of labeled products.



Blistering/ Boxing

13 packaging lines are available for syringes and vials; 8 high-speed lines and 3 flexible lines and 2 incoming dividella lines to cover all customer’s needs. Full serialization capability implemented. This service is available in different languages and is performed under rigorous quality regulations.

A vignetting machine is available for creating the Italian Bollino. In addition, Data Matrix printing and inspection are available in line. Dynamic weight-checking machines ensure that the finished product complies with all the necessary requirements.

Bollino and serialization are available according to client needs.