“We are known for our expertise, constant dedication and transparency in the field of contract manufacturing”.

Our injectable and solid form products are manufactured in the Madrid metropolitan area in Spain. These CMO (or Contract Manufacturing Organizations) facilities are owned by ROVI Pharma Industrial Services®, a specialized Spanish pharmaceutical company, fully dedicated to research, development, manufacture and marketing of small molecules and biologicals.

In 2012, ROVI’s injectable plants received FDA approval.

From project development to product release, as well as pilot and industrial batches, ROVI® brings all of these services into a single company, allowing our clients to save considerable time and money as a result.

Our fully integrated service offering:
Production | Testing | Packaging | Storage


Founded in 1946, ROVI began offering contract manufacturing services in 1995, and continues to do so today.


In January 2006, the Manufacturing Division of ROVI separated from the main group to create an injectable plant, thus forming an independent company named ROVI CM entirely focused on contract manufacturing and analysis.


In April 2010, ROVI extended its manufacturing and development services in the field of solid forms following the acquisition of the FDA-approved MSD Frosst Ibérica S.A. plant.


In September 2012, the ROVI CM injectable plant in Madrid, received FDA approval.


In 2015, ROVI acquired a new injectable plant in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain, increasing ROVI’s vial and syringe manufacturing capacity.


In 2019, ROVI unified all of its contract manufacturing plants to create ROVI Pharma Industrial Services®.


ROVI signs an agreement with Moderna to become the first CMO in Europe to fill-finish COVID 19 Vaccine.

Efficiency and client satisfaction

Our commitment to pharmaceutical manufacturing excellence, combined with our long history of high-quality production tools and techniques, as well as the added value of our skilled staff allows us to guarantee the success of all our activities, from production transfers to product launches.